Our Story

The beginning of our journey dates back to 1990 when we established our first workshop. Since then, we have been dedicated to creating jewelry, performing repairs, offering gold plating, silver plating, and black rhodium plating, as well as jewelry silvering.

In the '90s, our workshop became a trusted and popular place for crafting jewelry. Technological advancements in 1998 further strengthened our presence in the field.

In 2016, we launched the store "Anne Handmade," representing the evolution of our workshop. Our fundamental principle is the love and expertise we invest in every handcrafted piece of jewelry, made from gold, silver, and brass. We work with absolute dedication and passion, and our most significant reward is the positive feedback from our customers who choose us for their handcrafted jewelry.

In 2017, we participated in numerous craft jewelry trade shows and received overwhelmingly positive impressions.

In 2018, we responded to our customers' demands by creating unique handcrafted Wedding Crowns (Stefana). We craft these Stefana with distinctive designs that inspire us, adding even more uniqueness to special wedding ceremonies.

The demands of the times and our customers from all over Greece and abroad led us to establish an online store in 2022. Through this platform, you can easily and quickly select and order the handcrafted jewelry that interests you, choosing the material, design, and color you desire.

The aim of this initiative is to further facilitate your shopping experience by allowing you to explore the full range of our handcrafted jewelry and stay updated on our offers.

All our products are also available in our physical store, located at 42 Sotiros Dios Street, in the heart of Piraeus, Athens.