In the event that you are not satisfied with the product(s) you received, you can replace it or get your money back. The above applies to orders and products that comply with the following conditions:

All Handmade Jewelry must be tested carefully to avoid damage. Also, the products should be accompanied by the retail receipt you received upon receipt. If the product does not meet the above conditions it will be returned to the sender.

-Changes are accepted within 14 days from the date of receipt and only by presenting the proof of purchase or change card. Proof of the date of receipt is the courier's stamp, your printed or electronic signature.

-The product/s should be in excellent condition, same as the original, unworn, with all tags, without damage, stains or alterations.

-The product must be returned in its original packaging and where protective cases are provided they should be returned as they are considered part of the product.

-The product must have been purchased from

-All changes are made based on the purchase price. Cases of change in color and/or size in the same product code are excluded. The same applies in cases where the purchase is made using a promotional coupon or after applying a discount.

-In the case of returning more than 1 product related to the same order, they should all be sent together and at the same time.

The ways to change are as follows:

1st Method: Make the change in our stores.
In this case you either change your product or we return your money back without any charge.

2nd Way : You send us the products with your own transport company (At your own expense)
In this case, as soon as we receive your products, we immediately proceed to credit your money or send the product you want in the right color or size. Resend is free from us.

3rd Way : You send us the products with our own transport company (At our expense)
- For the refund process, the cost is €2.90, which are the total costs of the courier for sending the products to our store. We keep the €2.90 from the total of your order and return the difference to you.
- For the process of changing size or color, the cost is €2.90, which are the total costs of the courier for sending the products to our store & resending the new products to your place.

It is necessary to contact us before any product return via e-mail at or by phone at 211 4058072. Returns are accepted only if the products are in excellent condition received without damage and are complete, within its original packaging.

Product manufacturing defect
In those cases in which there is a defect in the product you have the right to return the product you purchased and request its replacement with another product or products up to the amount of the price you have paid or with an additional price if you wish, within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product. The return of the product is free from all over Greece, always after consultation with the customer service department 211 4058072 (Tuesday - Thursday - Friday 9:00-21:00) & (Monday - Wednesday - Saturday 9:00 - 15:00) . The return will be made exclusively with a courier partnered by our company, to which our salesperson will indicate you.

Order cancellation
For any cancellation of an order before shipping and delivery to a courier, you should contact us by phone at 211 4058072, quoting your Order Number.